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your own true nature.

It’s tough out there. Life can toss us around sometimes, and you don’t have to face it alone. We’re a team of helping professionals who’ve been there, and we’re here to guide you when you’ve lost the trail. Allow us to join you on your journey for a while, and support you in reconnecting with your innate desire and ability to heal, thrive, and excel. Your true nature is growth. Your true nature is love.

Heed the call.


Heather, Jess, Kelsie & Larissa

Standing Up & Giving Back

The disparities in the world we live in create much of the suffering that people come to counselling to heal. Our work extends beyond each session to encompass the ways in which we live our lives, how we spend our money, the leaders we vote for and the issues on which we advocate. At True Nature Wilderness Therapy, we are committed to educating ourselves and to standing up for others. We believe in using our privilege as professionals to stand as allies, advocates, and agents for change.

Going beyond
& giving back

It is a privilege to be able to support others. We want to extend our services to those who may have not have easy access to help. We are always exploring ways in which to provide low-cost services to individuals who experience barriers to mental health services. We currently reserve a limited number of affordable rate time slots for uninsured students - please inquire with us by email if this is your situation. If you’re facing other barriers to support, financial or otherwise, feel free to reach out to us here below to apply for one of our pro bono counselling slots. If we cannot accommodate you with either of these options, the True Nature team will be happy to refer you to other available accessible counselling services.
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1% for the planet

We believe in giving back to the earth! Stay tuned, we’re in the process of becoming a member organization of 1% for the planet, contributing a portion of our annual earnings to help fund the work of environmental not-for-profit organizations.

Support others, support yourself.

Study after study has shown that generosity benefits both our physical and mental health. Not only does generosity reduce stress, support one’s physical health, enhance one’s sense of purpose, and fight depression, it has also been shown to increase one’s lifespan. If you have benefitted from our services and would like to help pay it forward by helping offset the cost of a session for someone who needs support, please let us know!
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Mobile Therapy Cabin

Stay tuned as we work to realize our dream of building a mobile therapy cabin. We look forward to being able to serve communities in need for short stretches of time.

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